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Our delicious dumplings are filled with love!

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Taste the difference real perogies can make! With no artificial colours or flavours, our perogies are filled with love, ready to be served on your dinner table.

New Strawberry Flavour

Fresh. Natural. Delicious.

Best I’ve ever had. Will buy again!

Customer service was great and the taste was amazing!!

So sooooo good!

Finally got to try some of your Perogi today and they were absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try to make them at home very very soon!

Absolutely delicious!

I have had the other frozen ones and I often found them to be tasteless. These perogies are tasty, easy to make and are the perfect size. Living in Calgary I was used to homemade ones and these ones run a very close second. Thanks for making a great product my family loves.

Very fresh and tasty!

I've had the potato and cheese perogi at the St. John's Farmers Market twice now and its delicious!! Very fresh and tasty, with generous portions and very friendly owners!! Highly recommend!

Who made your Perogies?

At Newfound Perogi we believe that great tasting products come from the freshest, natural ingredients.  Known for the quality of our perogies, we’ve made it a priority to ensure the freshness of all the ingredients of our products to bring true European flavours to the people. Our commitment to using only the top of natural ingredients results in superb taste. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our products.

Newfound Perogies – Simply Delicious Food, beyond expectation…